Six things to know before deciding to consume cannabis. HIGHLIGHTS Cannabis affects everyone differently and may potentially have harmful effects. Many factors contribute to the effects cannabis may produce. Start with a small amount and consume slowly. With hundreds of cannabis strains and products on the market, it’s important to make an informed decision, especially if you’re inexperienced […]

Cannabis consumption produces a wide range of effects. Find out more to manage your own experience. HIGHLIGHTS The effects of cannabis vary depending on multiple factors, but almost all effects are temporary. Effects can include stress relief, anxiety reduction, increased creativity and an increased appetite. The best way to minimize unpleasant effects is to consume small amounts. Because […]

Why cannabis affects people the way it does. Highlights Cannabis plants and humans share a chemical trait: the presence of cannabinoids in our chemistry. Humans have an endocannabinoid system that is directly affected by the cannabinoids in cannabis when it’s consumed. The effect of this interaction is different for everyone. Cannabinoids: The Link Between Cannabis and Humans Both cannabis plants […]

While cannabis producers may link the use of their products to specific desired effects, such as energy, calm, sleepiness or hunger, these claims have not been backed by substantiated scientific studies. HIGHLIGHTS Cannabis effects depend on many factors, such as your genetic makeup, frequency of use, age, sex, current mood and personality, and any existing […]